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        Welcome to Zero Emission Vehicles Australia

        We produce a range of custom electronic devices to help you build better electric vehicles. Click on the links below for more information about each product. Products may be purchased online and shipped worldwide, or check with us for distributors in your country. New to the world of electric vehicles? Visit our Tech Info page for the fundamentals, then browse our Projects page for inspiration!

        Electric Vehicle Management System V3

        Electric Vehicle Management System V3

        Multifunctional, integrated control system for your electric vehicle or off-grid battery.
        From AU$195

        EVMS Monitor V3

        View information from the EVMS3, BMS12 modules, ZEVA motor controllers, TC Chargers or BMS16v2 over CAN bus
        From AU$145

        EVMS3 CAN Current Sensor

        Measure and report battery current to the EVMS3 and Monitor over CAN bus
        From AU$95

        12-cell Lithium BMS Module V3

        Automotive grade, CAN bus-enabled battery management and balancing for up to 12 cells per module.

        More Battery Management

        Motor Controllers

        8-16 Cell Integrated Battery Management System V3

        Simple, reliable turn-key BMS for 24-48V lithium battery packs.
        From AU$295

        8-cell Battery Monitor Module V2

        Monitor and protect up to 8 lithium cells per board.

        MC1000C Motor Controller

        150V 1000A motor controller for Series DC and PM DC motors. For larger EVs, higher performance and direct drive vehicles.

        MC600C Motor Controller

        150V 600A motor controller for Series DC and PM DC motors. For EVs up to approx 1000kg.

        Other Products and Accessories

        12V Low Voltage Cutoff

        Protect your 12V aux battery from over-discharge damage with this simple, inexpensive device.

        Smart Precharger

        Soft start your motor controller to avoid component damage from inrush current spikes.
        From AU$65

        Fuel Gauge Driver V2

        View battery SoC on your fuel gauge, plus instantaneous current on your tachometer.
        From AU$145

        Digital Pot Adapter

        Enables use of 0-5V 3-wire throttles (inc. hall effect types) with legacy 2-wire resistive-throttle motor controllers.
        From AU$55

        EVMS3 CAN Shunt Interface

        Measure and report shunt current to the EVMS3 and Monitor over CAN bus
        From AU$55

        Shielded Twisted Pair cable

        Ideal for reliable, low-noise CAN bus wiring. Sold by the metre.

        Orange hookup wire (21AWG)

        Recommended for wiring between cells and BMS modules. Sold by the metre.

        Temperature sensor for EVMS3, BMS16 and BMS12

        100Kohm NTC thermistor for use with our BMS12, BMS16 and EVMS3 devices
        From AU$6

        Gigavac Products

        Gigavac GV240 Contactor

        800V 400A+ DC contactor
        From AU$195

        Gigavac P195 Minitactor

        1000V 80A DC contactor
        From AU$95

        Gigavac HBD41

        1000VDC 400A Manual Disconnect Switch

        Electric Vehicle Management System V2

        Version 2 products are now discontinued but can be built-to-order by request as replacements or additions to legacy systems. Please contact us to discuss. For all new installations, the EVMS3 is recommended as it has many improvements and more up-to-date support.

        Popular Projects

        Mazda RX7 conversion

        Honda NSR150 conversion

        WA EV Trial: Focuses

        Mazda MX5 conversion

        Battery spot welder


        We pledge to donate at least 5% of all profits to charity.
        Click here for more info.

        Suggested Websites

        Electric Vehicle Association
        Sustainable Energy Now

        Conservation Council of Western Australia

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        Quote of the Day

        "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" - Epicurus, 341BC-270BC


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